Day-Curious Drawstring Backpack M blue

Day-Curious Drawstring Backpack M blue


The shape of the bags is relaxed and unrestricted so it transforms according to your day. If it’s a quick affair in a city with just a bottle of water and a book, you will have an adventurous trapezoid. And if you need to stuff the space with a travel mug, a lunchbox, sportswear, a laptop, even a beach towel, you’ll have a more rotund-shaped bag. Shape moulding is fun.

The drawstring closing and opening system is trained to tolerate countless times you decide to put something in or take out. To be honest, the drawstring action is so pleasurable it becomes something you seek to do again and again.

Made from lightweight & strong water-repellent 100% polyester. 

Body size 49cm x 46.5cm. 2 outside pockets size 34cm x 23.5cm (each). 1 inside pocket size 20cm x 15cm.

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